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Clutch-e Bag

The first Smart Fashion Tech pochette in the world.

Our objective is that of bringing a new idea of handbag.

Clutch-e Bag is equipped with fingerprint scanner for the opening, GPS tracking system, speaker to make it ring and find it easily everytime everywhere, removable power bank with external magnetic port.

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Finger Print Scanner

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Finger Print Scanner

Clutch-e Bag comes with the next level security concept, in fact you can open the pochette with your fingerprint.

No one else will be able to do that.

If you prefer, you can choose to open Clutch-e Bag via your smartphone using our dedicated mobile app.

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Your Clutch-e is always connected to your smartphone.

Smartphone App

Thanks to our mobile app you can check the charge status, track it via GPS or remotely open it. Clutch-e will also send you alerts if you leave it behind.

Power Bank

A removable power bank with magnetic pogo connector allows you to keep your smartphone charged during the day. You won't need to keep your bag open in order to recharge your smartphone.

RFID Blocking

The RFID Blocking System protects your credit cards and passport from contactless payments and scans.

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We know that design and quality mean a lot to you.

That's why every Clutch-e is highly detailed.


Clutch-e Bag is designed and manufactured in Italy, combining the modern techniques and the experience of master craftsmen of Florence.


Clutch-e Bag is manufactured using high-quality materials such as Premium calfskin, lambskin, satin, 24K gold plated frame and highly resistant plastic polymers.

Stay Organised

Clutch-e Bag provides you with different pockets to help keeping all your belongings organised

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