The first smart clutch in the world

Clutch-e Bag is the Italian brand which manufactures clutch bags with high technological content.
Our product perfectly combines elegance, innovation and security to obtain a unique fashion accessory.
We want to revolutionize the idea of fashion by adding technology to high-quality materials and attention for every detail of our smart Clutch-e.


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Made in Florence

Product and tech features

Clutch-e Bag is the first Smart clutch bag in the world. The objective is that of bringing a new idea of handbag. Clutch-e Bag is equipped with fingerprint scanner for the opening, GPS tracking system, speaker to make it ring and find it easily everytime everywhere, removable power with external magnetic port. Your Clutch-e is always connected to your smartphone, in fact, with our App you can see the charge status, track it or remotely open it. Clutch-e will also send you alerts if you leave it behind.

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