Here you can find all the Frequently Asked Questions about Clutch-e.

If you have more questions, please contact us.

How can I open my Clutch-e?

It is possible to open the Clutch-e by using the fingerprint scanner on it or remotly from your smartphone.

How can I find my Clutch-e if I lose it?

You can find you Clutch-e using the GPS Tracking System in the Clutch-e Bag App. It will show you the last position of your bag.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for more than 9 hours.

Is it possible to open the bag if my battery get damaged?

Yes it is, you can easily oper your Clutch-e connecting the bag to the charger, even if the battery has broken down.

What does RFID Blocking System mean?

The RFID Blocking System protects your credit cards and passport from contactless payments and scannings.

Do I have to charge my Clutch-e Bag?

Yes, the built in battery needs to be charged by using the Pogo cable provided in the box.

How can I connect Clutch-e to the smartphone?

You just need to connect it via Bluetooth and insert username and password in the Clutch-e Bag App.